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Diploma in Sonology



At Jaipur Hospital, we provide learning by doing. We provide real-world laparoscopic surgery experience by allowing the trainee to get hands directly on whatever surgeons are learning and developing a sense of empowerment. After taking this laparoscopic course Surgeon and Gynecologist can perform laparoscopic surgery themselves on their patient with confidence.

Hands-On Laparoscopic Surgery Training Jaipur Hospital
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Know Your Mentor

Dr. D. S. Panwar - the chief trainer of this hands-on training programme - comes with a rich experience of 18+ years in minimal invasive surgery. He has done his MBBS and MS (General Surgery) from S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur, a coveted name in the field of Indian medical institutions. Additionally, he undertook  postgraduate training in multiple fields namely Medicine, Anatomy, Anesthesia and ENT, and carries experience of ~4 years in these departments, which provides him a holistic view during patient diagnosis. After accumulating knowledge and gaining a diverse surgical experience during his stint in Jaipur, he joined Shah Hospital, Kaithal, as a consultant surgeon (practising minimal invasive surgery) in the year 2010. In not more than a year, Dr. Panwar stepped into a new journey, and started his own hospital - Jaipur Hospital, Kaithal - in the year 2011; there has been no looking back since then and he has soared to new heights, etching his name in the medical fraternity. His achievements ever since have been commendable and inspiring for the new generation doctors who want to build their credibility and name in the medical field, even without any godfather. Few noteworthy feathers in his cap over the last decade include:

  • More than 12,000 laparoscopic surgical procedures, with 6,000+ laparoscopic cholecystectomy, 2,000+ laparoscopic gynecological procedures (TLH, Lap Pectopexy, lap. Cystectomy, lap. Ectopic pregnancy) and over 2,000 procedures in endo urology

  • Record time for minimal invasive surgeries - finishes 90% of the lap. Cholecystectomy in <2 minutes and TLH in less than half an hour, leveraging his own special techniques and expertise

  • Expertise of operating even in a low cost set-up: has been doing all surgeries with simple bipolar cautery machine costing 70,000/- with no recurring cost, thus providing benefits to b the patient and the surgeon as well.

  • He has done Diploma in Sonology, which helps him to analyze the diseased organ, thus providing further help during surgeries.

He started training in minimal invasive surgery in March 2021 but due to covid pandemic only one Batch completed successful training . Starting your career and learning journey under the mentorship of Dr. Panwar will be your first step to success in the field of minimally invasive surgeries. In addition to gaining technical expertise, you will learn the tips and tricks of procedures that Dr. Panwar has himself developed through his experience. The entire training program is designed in a manner that provides hands-on experience to the trainee surgeons and gynaecologists, along with know-how of the Sonology-guided diagnosis, setting-up your own hospital, operating in a low cost model and overcoming the challenges that all new entrants typically face.

Come, and start your journey to success!      

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Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Following surgeries will be demonstrated during Training subject to availability
  1.  Lap Cholecystectomy
  2.  Total Lap Hysterectomy (TLH)
  3.  Lap Inguinal Hernia

  4. IPOM

  5.  Lap Varicocoele

  6.  Laser Treatment for Piles

  7.  Laser Treatment for Fistula in ano

  8.  Lap Appendicectomy 

  9. Lap Pectopexy for Prolapse uterus

  10.  Lap Salpingooophorectomy

  11.  Lap tubectomy

  12.  URS (ureteroscopic removal of stone)

  13.  TURP

  14.  PCNL

  15.  TURBT

  16.  Cystolithopexy

  17. MIPH

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Hands-on Laparoscopic Training in Minimal Access Surgery  in Jaipur Hospital, Kaithal, Haryana India
  • Start date: 1st March 2022  at Jaipur Hospital, Kaithal, Haryana.


  • Seats 6 in one Batch


  • Duration: 5 days Hands-On Comprehensive  Course of Minimal Access Surgery


  • Specialty: For General Surgeon and Gynecologist



  • Course Fee:INR 50,000 for India, 1500US Dollar for NRI and Foreigner (Tea Snacks, Working Lunch, Lab Expenses, OT Dress and Local Transport)


Location: Jaipur Hospital,  behind district court Kaithal Haryana 136027


  • Accommodation: Will be arranged

  • Tariff is Rs 1500/Night at  hotel 


  • Account Details


  • IN favour of Jaipur Hospital


  • Axis Bank,  KAITHAL , Haryana 


  • A/c No 917020022058260


  • IFSC code UTIB0000403