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Laser Treatment For Fistula

Laser Treatment For Fistula


Laser treatment for fistula-in-ano, also known as FiLaCR (fistula laser closure) or LAFT (laser ablation of fistula tract), has gained increasing attention in the last decade.

The procedure consists of delivering laser energy at 360° within the lumen of fistulas by means of a radial fiber which is slowly withdrawn from the external orifice. Laser ablation is limited to the lumen of fistulas making the technique ‘sphincter-saving’.

Its main indication is the treatment of high fistulas and, in general, of all fistulas where more invasive treatments may impair anal continence.

Advantages of Laser treatment
  • Maximum respect of the sphincter muscle

  • No excision

  • Performed in just a few minutes

  • No medication

  • Very little pain

  • No need for special hygien

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